We are a small and independent digital consulting agency and development studio, based in Zurich.


PAKD was founded in January 2013 by Anja Katharina Dockal and Florian Poprat, as a legal framework for their personal projects. Since then, we've also been working for external clients and are especially committed to helping other startups and small companies.

Anja and Florian both have years of professional working experience in their respective fields and a trustworthy network of freelancers and friends to support them if needed. We are also maintaining friendly relationships with other start ups, agencies and service providers.



Our services are tailored to your needs: We analyze your company and processes, taking into account existing systems, size, financial background, and future goals. Once we’ve created and agreed on a strategy together with you, we’ll gather the right people and take the role of product owner during an agile project management and development phase.


If you are looking for truly independent consulting, you’ve found it. There’s no better time to think about alternatives than now. Alternatives to outdated, inadequate, oversized, complicated or otherwise inefficient strategies, processes or software. We’ll find the best solution for your needs, educate your employees and make sure all digital transitions go as smoothly as possible.


We see ourselves as an intermediary, responsible for finding the right partner, building trustworthy relationships and connecting you to the right people directly. We’ll manage each project as long as necessary and as long as you need us. Once our job is done, you’ll keep these valuable contacts without any obligation to us.


Over the past years we've helped other individuals or companies with web design & development, graphic design & illustration, product design & development, social media & online marketing strategies, digital transformation, supply chain management, and production sourcing.

We don't like to limit our (and your) possibilities. This often leads to a multidisciplinary approach to solve complex problems.


We offer special rates for early stage startups, and pro bono work for nonprofit organizations. The first meeting (and coffee) is usually on us, so feel free to write or call.

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