These ideas have grown up from experiments to MVPs, which stands for minimum viable product. They are (a)live and running. We've learned a lot from building them and are happy to share some insights.

Lihra - Inspirational Postcards

We've set ourselves the goal to create a simple and fully automated eCommerce website. And since we also wanted a place to collect our favourite quotes, the idea for Lihra was born. Now you can send inspirational postcards for a flat fee all around the world!

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Bee'n'Bee - Crowdfunding Platform for Biodiversity

It's the first crowdfunding platform for biodiversity in Switzerland and has been founded as an official association in Zurich. Many members of our collective are involved in Bee'n'Bee as project managers, designers and developers, making sure this important initiative becomes successful.

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This is a list of still very small but promising experiments. We are mainly using these tools internally or for some of our clients. Hopefully, by writing about them and sharing our ideas they can grow into something bigger.

Want to collaborate?

Feel free to drop us a line if you are interested to talk about these projects. The PAKD Lab is a place to share and exchange ideas. We'd love to have more collaborators for our experiments!