We're offering a selective but well rounded set of skills to our partners and clients. As the co-creators of the Open Project Framework (OPF), a modular framework for building digital products, we can cover the full requirements for modern web projects.

Consulting & Project Management

  • Digital strategy for new and existing products, services and companies
  • Project evaluation, budgeting, and planning
  • Project management, coordination, and controlling
  • Evaluation of potential partners

Frontend & Backend Development

  • Frontend development with Vue, React, and Angular framework
  • Or just plain, vanilla HTML / CSS / JS / ...
  • Headless CMS, decoupled Frontend and Jamstack approach for suitable projects
  • Page speed optimisations for existing and new websites, technical SEO
  • Custom development of websites, portals, eCommerces platforms, and applications

Web3 & Blockchain Services

  • Focus on Tezos and Ethereum Blockchain
  • Application development and integration
  • Smart contract development
  • Consulting and strategy for Web3 projects
  • Presentations and workshops for companies and individuals


We're not going to lie: There are some technologies we just love to work with. As one of the first agencies in Switzerland we have been focusing on creating websites with Craft CMS. Another area we are strongly invested in is the headless CMS and decoupled frontend approach.

Craft CMS

  • Custom creation of websites and plugins
  • From small sites to large corporate platforms with multi-language and multi-site capability
  • Creation of Twig templates or use of headless approach with GraphQL and modern frontend frameworks
  • Full fledged eCommerce stores with thousands of products and variations, including user management, shipping logic and calculations


  • Official Storyblok Partner
  • Low maintenance and easy to use CMS in the cloud
  • Perfect for content driven websites and digital products


  • Official Netlify Partner
  • Rapid prototyping with Jamstack
  • Worldwide CDN, lightning fast static websites


A huge thank you to these amazing companies and the people within them. Without you, our journey would not be possible.

Let's work together!

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